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Amazing Short Film about Wingsuit Flyer Espen Fadnes

Split of a Second is a short film about a dream which we humans had been trying to turn into reality from long now; the dream of flying! We have been able to develop supersonic jet planes to fly at the speed of sound or space shuttles to go beyond our planet’s atmosphere But the dream of flying bare; without any machine, just like a free bird is yet to take its full shape! Well to add, Espen Fadnes and […]

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Road Bikers Get Bored, Decide to Run a Police Roadblock

Bikers are meant to live free! The video above defines this statement well. Following incident happened at St. Louis during ROC 2012. A wholesome group of bikers were racing their bikes on a highway when a couple of cops pulled them over. As one of the policemen was trying to get some info from one of the biker at front, another biker from the back of pool managed a 180 degree turn and roared his bike on the wrong side […]

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RC Proximity Flying Through Bangkok

Team BlackSheep who are known for their “out of the box” acts on the internet have pulled out another great video. This video follows as a toy plane fitted with a camera flies over the metropolis of Bangkok. The glider is fitted with a high definition GoPro and is flown from one of the roof tops of the city as it scales to some of the highest skyscrapers, helipads, swimming pools, hotels and many other architectural wonders of the metropolis. A couple of […]

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Footage Released of Underwater Nuclear Bomb Tests has released a video of U.S. Army conducting two underwater nuclear tests code named ‘Wahoo’ and ‘Umbrella’ in the 1950’s. Video, as above was shot by Pat Bradley and his crew witnessing the event live from just 2.5 miles away. The underwater nuclear explosion surely seems to be more sensational than an atmospheric explosion, but I’m sure the damage to surrounding sea life was catastrophic. Proceedings in the video are narrated by Pat himself, who describes start of events in […]

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Alexander Polli Tracking & Wingsuit Flying

Recently, Alexander Polli, a GoPro Athlete visited Norway, New Zealand, and Switzerland in order to go flying. But he had no plans on flying the traditional way. Instead, Alexander flew using only tracking gear and a wingsuit. At one point, about the 1:39 mark Polli flies right through a beautiful cascading waterfall. A Tracking Suit consists of pants and a jacket that are customized so that fill with air as the wearer gains speed. A Wingsuit is a body suit with three wings […]

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