RC Proximity Flying Through Bangkok

Team BlackSheep who are known for their “out of the box” acts on the internet have pulled out another great video. This video follows as a toy plane fitted with a camera flies over the metropolis of Bangkok. The glider is fitted with a high definition GoPro and is flown from one of the roof tops of the city as it scales to some of the highest skyscrapers, helipads, swimming pools, hotels and many other architectural wonders of the metropolis.

Aerial view of Bangkok city from toy-plane camera

A couple of nose dives by the plane, going down parallel with tall buildings are an amazing sight to witness. Team BlackSheep have been able to present some awe-inspiring aerial shots of Bangkok city which makes every viewer appreciate the development in that part of the world. It ends with the top plane safely landing in the hands of one of the Team BlackSheep members.

Toy-plane nose dives; going down parallel to a building

You can keep yourself updated with Team BlackSheep’s other acts by visiting their official website or following their Facebook page. Their videos are sure to pull a serious rush in your body!

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