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Vertical Freefly Skydive World Record 2012

It was this year’s Summerfest 2012 @ Skydive Chicago where skydivers from around the globe flocked in to break the previous 108-Way Vertical Freefly World Record made in 2009. On August 1st, 2012 the atmosphere at Skydive Chicago was electric as the quest to break the Vertical Freefly Skydive World Record began! They started their pursuit by thinking of a formation for all 142 skydivers. The organisers of this event with a group of expertise took a whole new approach. The lead […]

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Ultimate Crash Tests: Surviving a Plane Crash

abc NEWS reported Discovery Channel’s Curiosity TV series pushing the limits of human imagination yet again. This time they researched on the science of destruction; their cause being to study, how to survive a plane crash? One of the worst situations anyone can think of but to get an idea about how to survive it is more than welcomed. Discovery Channel collected a team of experts to execute an intentional Boeing 727 passenger plane crash in an uninhabited Mexican desert and […]

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Sikorsky Prize: Fabricating a Human Powered Helicopter

The award for making a ‘Human Powered Helicopter’ is named after illustrious helicopter trailblazer, Igor Sikorsky. The challenge to win a cash prize of $250,000 by American Helicopter Society is to make a ‘Human Powered Helicopter’ which can go straight up to a height of 10 feet for 60 seconds staying in an area of 10 square metres. The task seems easy to read but as the stats speak for themselves; this award is unclaimed from more than three decades […]

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Mission Schafberg: Red Bull Skydive Team

Red Bull Skydive Team hunts for a different kind of adventure than their regular dose of entertainment this time. Their latest video shoot is called as ‘Mission Schafberg’ because it was shot in the majestic hills of Schafberg at the Salzburger lake land in Austria. The natural beauty of this place is beyond an explanation in words but what better way to experience this paradise than by sky diving from a helicopter at 11,500 feet. Skydiver Marco Waltenspiel of Red […]

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Andrey Karr: Real Life Superman

Above is his most recent video where he flies the World Wingsuit League course in China without a wingsuit! The amount of drive he can get from his flying posture is incredible. Andrey Karr and his team bring probably the first tracking flyby video on the internet. The video is about a BASE-jumper being clicked and filmed mid-air in his flight by a professional photographer. BASE-jumping is an extreme sport which requires a lot of courage to overcome the fear of […]

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