Amazing Short Film about Wingsuit Flyer Espen Fadnes

Split of a Second is a short film about a dream which we humans had been trying to turn into reality from long now; the dream of flying! We have been able to develop supersonic jet planes to fly at the speed of sound or space shuttles to go beyond our planet’s atmosphere

But the dream of flying bare; without any machine, just like a free bird is yet to take its full shape! Well to add, Espen Fadnes and his team have been able to defy gravity with the help of an especially designed Wingsuit for human flying.

He has put up an amazing short film in which you can see him flying just a few feet above the ground as he BASE-jumps from a high cliff in Chamonix, France.

Espen doing a camera flyby down a treacherous line off Chamonix

BASE jumping is an extreme sport in itself but Espen adds more fun to it as he flies like a bird for a minute before opening his parachute in each jump. In his own words,

“It’s a choice I’ve made, making people who care about me worry.”

He is true to say that as your nerves may rattle when you see him flying with a screeching sound just a few feet above the ground at enormous speed. The exact route of flying needs to be defined beforehand, enough margin and height to make the right turns are a mandate. The whole idea of flying with a wingsuit is surely a step ahead than what can be conceived by a normal human being. But for people like Espen and his team who spend days preparing for a jump, it’s all about that Split of a Second when they defy gravity to live forever!

To check out more videos and get more info about wingsuit flying, do visit their official website at

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