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Ground Control to Major Tom: Performed Via the ISS

Lyrics of Hadfield’s version and the parts that were adapted from the original in bold: Ground control to major Tom Ground control to major Tom Lock your Soyuz’s hatch and put your helmet on (Ten) Ground control (Nine) to major Tom (Eight) (Seven, six) Commencing countdown (Five), engines on (Four) (Three, two) Detach from station (One) and may God’s love be with you / This is ground control to major Tom, you’ve really made the grade And the papers want to know whose shirts […]

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How Mars Lost Its Atmosphere

Though it doesn’t look like a nice place to live now, Mars may have had an atmosphere more like ours on Earth! But how did it lose it? One way a planet can lose its atmosphere is through a process called ‘sputtering.’ In this process, atoms are knocked away from the atmosphere due to impacts from energetic particles. Learn more in this video! Mars is the fourth planet from the Sun and the second smallest planet in the Solar System, […]

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Toy Train Goes to Space

It is every young boy or girls wish to get a mom or dad that will guide him or take him to a lifetime adventure. One they will live to remember till they are grown ups.It is a touching story about a boy and his daddy who came up with a video. The video a toy in space is one of its kind and has carried the days name and favor too among lovers of videos. It is a video […]

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Felix Baumgartner Jumps from Space Next Week

Felix Baumgartner draws from his extensive BASE jumping and skydiving history to prepare himself for the Final Mission. He relives the challenges he has already successfully accomplished and reveals the philosophy that drives him to push himself further and higher. Felix Baumgartner is an Austrian skydiver and a BASE jumper. He is renowned for the particularly dangerous nature of the stunts he has performed during his career. Baumgartner spent time in the Austrian military where he practiced parachute jumping, including […]

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How the Shuttle Endeavour was Mounted to the 747

At the Shuttle Landing Facility at NASA’s Kennedy Space Center in Florida, space shuttle Endeavour was mounted atop NASA’s Shuttle Carrier Aircraft, or SCA, in preparation for its ferry flight to California. The SCA, a modified 747 jetliner, flew Endeavour to Los Angeles where it will be placed on public display at the California Science Center. This is the final ferry flight scheduled in the Space Shuttle Program era. Endeavour completed its final mission with a landing at the Kennedy […]

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