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Sikorsky Prize: Fabricating a Human Powered Helicopter

The award for making a ‘Human Powered Helicopter’ is named after illustrious helicopter trailblazer, Igor Sikorsky. The challenge to win a cash prize of $250,000 by American Helicopter Society is to make a ‘Human Powered Helicopter’ which can go straight up to a height of 10 feet for 60 seconds staying in an area of 10 square metres. The task seems easy to read but as the stats speak for themselves; this award is unclaimed from more than three decades […]

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DARPA Robot that Walks with Swagger

Defence Advanced Research Projects Agency of United States of America has developed a new robot with swagger. The video above shows the robot walking like a human being on a moving floor. This robot is designed just like a human being with two arms and two legs. Even the robot is made to wear shoes like we humans do. Total weight of the robot is balanced in a way that it can stand and walk like a man. This robot […]

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The Next Step in Dodgeball

One can always add their personnel flavour to any game and this is what the video above depicts. What about doing a summersault in the game of Dodgeball? The idea seems tempting and believe me it appears awesome too! The video shows some school boys playing Dodgeball on a wooden court. They are randomly hitting balls at each other when a guy in sky-blue tee comes in the video frame. He is especially referred to in the video as he […]

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Mission Schafberg: Red Bull Skydive Team

Red Bull Skydive Team hunts for a different kind of adventure than their regular dose of entertainment this time. Their latest video shoot is called as ‘Mission Schafberg’ because it was shot in the majestic hills of Schafberg at the Salzburger lake land in Austria. The natural beauty of this place is beyond an explanation in words but what better way to experience this paradise than by sky diving from a helicopter at 11,500 feet. Skydiver Marco Waltenspiel of Red […]

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Art of Motion Parkour Competition in Santorini, Greece

Red Bull celebrated the spirit of free running by hosting a free running and parkour competition, Red Bull Art of Motion 2012 at Santorini, Greece. The event included some ‘high flying-gravity defying’ free running by top athletes of the world. The crowd cheered all athletes as they jumped, climbed and manoeuvred precisely on stone roofs of the Greek island presenting an awesome sight to all watching the event. Total course which was 260 metres long passed through swimming pools, roof […]

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