Moto [ 2 ]

Insane Moto Base Jump into River

This is probably the lowest canopy opening I have ever seen where the person was unharmed. Apparently this jump was performed by a new team based in Finland called StuntFreaks. It appears they are a Finnish street bike racing team that is expanding into stunts and entertainment. When they are not on the racing circuit they are filming videos and performing new stunts like this.

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Road Bikers Get Bored, Decide to Run a Police Roadblock

Bikers are meant to live free! The video above defines this statement well. Following incident happened at St. Louis during ROC 2012. A wholesome group of bikers were racing their bikes on a highway when a couple of cops pulled them over. As one of the policemen was trying to get some info from one of the biker at front, another biker from the back of pool managed a 180 degree turn and roared his bike on the wrong side […]

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