Footage Released of Underwater Nuclear Bomb Tests has released a video of U.S. Army conducting two underwater nuclear tests code named ‘Wahoo’ and ‘Umbrella’ in the 1950’s. Video, as above was shot by Pat Bradley and his crew witnessing the event live from just 2.5 miles away.

The underwater nuclear explosion surely seems to be more sensational than an atmospheric explosion, but I’m sure the damage to surrounding sea life was catastrophic. Proceedings in the video are narrated by Pat himself, who describes start of events in the video with the line,

“It was more amazing in some ways than an above ground nuclear shot.”


Sea water rising after the explosion

Guided missiles carrying nuclear war head can be seen racing in the sky leaving a trail of smoke behind. As they plunge into the water a huge explosion occurs after a second causing a huge column of water to rise high above in the air.  A ship which seemed to be at a safe distance from the site of explosion is covered with water all over. Huge tides rise in the sea and disturbance in water could be felt as far as 2.5 miles away too. Pat and his crew had to climb on coconut trees with their heavy equipments as waves of water washed away the whole island.


Huge waves gushing in the sea

This video gives us a brilliant account of the first ever underwater nuclear tests and reminds us of the level of mayhem nuclear bombs can cause whether in the atmosphere or water. For more information about Wahoo and Umbrella or other nuclear tests do check out and can also follow their Facebook page.

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