Alexander Polli Tracking & Wingsuit Flying

Recently, Alexander Polli, a GoPro Athlete visited Norway, New Zealand, and Switzerland in order to go flying. But he had no plans on flying the traditional way. Instead, Alexander flew using only tracking gear and a wingsuit. At one point, about the 1:39 mark Polli flies right through a beautiful cascading waterfall.

  • A Tracking Suit consists of pants and a jacket that are customized so that fill with air as the wearer gains speed.
  • A Wingsuit is a body suit with three wings between the arms and legs. When in flight, the wings inflate due to the relative wind, and form an airfoil which gives you lift and enable you to glide across the sky.

Alexander Polli has managed to take this dangerous sport and transform it into something very artistic and graceful. Polli is a professional wingsuit pilot and skydiver and has developed his gear and skills to enable him to fly over some amazing terrain.


Wingsuit Exit from a Cliff in Switzerland

Polli states on his Facebook page:

“Live with intention. Walk to the edge. Listen hard. Practice wellness. Play with abandon. Laugh. Chose to live with no regret.” 

He is definitely living up to his words.
Please remember that this sport is considered to be highly dangerous, and should only be attempted by highly trained athletes. If you would like to see more amazing pictures and video footage of Alexander Polli, you can find them on his website and his Facebook page.

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