Road Bikers Get Bored, Decide to Run a Police Roadblock

Bikers are meant to live free! The video above defines this statement well. Following incident happened at St. Louis during ROC 2012. A wholesome group of bikers were racing their bikes on a highway when a couple of cops pulled them over.

As one of the policemen was trying to get some info from one of the biker at front, another biker from the back of pool managed a 180 degree turn and roared his bike on the wrong side of the highway.

This is where the action begins; two cops can be seen running towards the escaping biker when our guy who shot the video realised a chance to escape too.

Cops running towards the turning biker

He puts his bike on the first gear and hits the throttle hard. A cop almost 10 feet away with some kind of rope in his hand comes charging in towards the bike. But before he could even get a chance to stretch his arms wide to catch the racing bike, the biker with a slight tilt evades him easily. Ahead as is shown in the video too is another policeman with a gun in his hand. Our man takes notice of the thing and accelerates his bike like he is never to be seen again managing to run the roadblock successfully. As the video moves back speedily and shows the events from rear camera of the racing biker. Another bike which is bit far away can be seen evading the roadblock too.

Biker evading the roadblock successfully

The video surely races some adrenaline in the body when sound of the engine blinds background music of the video and road beneath the bike seems to skid away with no friction at all!

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