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Will Sutton: A Parkour Prodigy

When I refer to Will Sutton from Isle Of Man; a 20 years old young blood as “A Parkour Prodigy!” I do no wrong! After watching the above video you will surely agree to what I just said. This guy can jump across huge hurdles, can perform mid air manoeuvres with ease, can balance his body on thin rods; in short can do every known or unknown move of ‘Parkour’ sport with precision. To add he was also one of the […]

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The Next Step in Dodgeball

One can always add their personnel flavour to any game and this is what the video above depicts. What about doing a summersault in the game of Dodgeball? The idea seems tempting and believe me it appears awesome too! The video shows some school boys playing Dodgeball on a wooden court. They are randomly hitting balls at each other when a guy in sky-blue tee comes in the video frame. He is especially referred to in the video as he […]

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Art of Motion Parkour Competition in Santorini, Greece

Red Bull celebrated the spirit of free running by hosting a free running and parkour competition, Red Bull Art of Motion 2012 at Santorini, Greece. The event included some ‘high flying-gravity defying’ free running by top athletes of the world. The crowd cheered all athletes as they jumped, climbed and manoeuvred precisely on stone roofs of the Greek island presenting an awesome sight to all watching the event. Total course which was 260 metres long passed through swimming pools, roof […]

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