Amazing Morphing Robot

MorpHex is more a ‘Work of Art than Robotic Engineering!’ It is a unique Rolling Robot which utilises 3 modes for sphere movements; individual, dual and triple mode. The innovator of MorpHex is Kare Halvorsen aka Zenta. He has designed an amazing robot which can roll like a ball and walk like a man. The inner body of this robot expands 2x Diameter which adjusts itself while walking. It shows some exciting moments which are surely worth a watch! To add more fun, MorpHex also has a special tripod mode in which it seems like the robot is daring to challenge. It is divided into sphere sections which helps it to manoeuvre around.

MorpHex morphing to walk around

The video tagged above shows MorpHex perform all its moves from rolling to walking and the tripod mode. Designer and creator of this robot; Kare has entered this project at the Boca Bearings 2012 Innovation Competition. If you like his effort, do add a personnel vote in his favour on their website. You can check out more of Kare’s projects on his personnel blog. This man surely thinks in ‘a different way’ for him counts on the future of robotic engineering in our day to day lives.

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