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Andrey Karr: Real Life Superman

Above is his most recent video where he flies the World Wingsuit League course in China without a wingsuit! The amount of drive he can get from his flying posture is incredible. Andrey Karr and his team bring probably the first tracking flyby video on the internet. The video is about a BASE-jumper being clicked and filmed mid-air in his flight by a professional photographer. BASE-jumping is an extreme sport which requires a lot of courage to overcome the fear of […]

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Apple Genius Drops Boxes of New iPhones (Prank)

The most anticipated mobile phone ever; iPhone 5 was finally released on September 21st, 2012 worldwide. All iPhone fanatics flocked at various Apple stores in huge numbers just to be the first to get their hands on 5th generation of the hyped mobile phone. Randomness and Awesomeness TV who are known for their ludicrous activities found the scenario appropriate to play a prank on the long waiting customers. The prank is about a person dressed as an Apple employee who […]

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The Popinator: A Revolution in Eating Popcorn

Popcorn have always been the favourite snack of many. People eat popcorn at their homes, offices and it is a signature snack while watching a movie or a sports game too. Popcorn Indiana has been in the popcorn business for a long time now. They have delivered quality popcorn from ages which every American must have eaten at at least once in their lives! There has always been innovation around how popcorn is manufactured; their size, shape have changed manifolds now. […]

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Red Bull Wingsuit Pilots Circled by Stunt Plane

Red Bull Team kicks in again with an amazing video to present to its numerous followers. This time to add more fun or to say more adventure to a casual sky diving routine; they brought in a professional stunt pilot, Kirby Chambliss. The video starts with both the pilot and Red Bull Air Force team guys preparing for the stunt. Two skydivers are lifted to the required altitude and as they jump off leaving a trail of smoke from a device […]

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Skrillex Made $15 Million Last Year with a Laptop and Headphones

If you are feeling each ‘dubstub’ in the deepest corners of your heart and there are cascading lights of varied colours flowing all over the arena, you are surely witnessing Sonny John Moore aka DJ Skrillex’s performance! ‘Dubstub’ a precise clonking variation unique to DJ Skrillex with mixing music likewise has allowed him and his many fellow DJs’ mint millions in a year. As the stats say, 24-year-old DJ Skrillex has won 3 Grammy Awards for Best Dance Recording, Best […]

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