Apple Genius Drops Boxes of New iPhones (Prank)

The most anticipated mobile phone ever; iPhone 5 was finally released on September 21st, 2012 worldwide. All iPhone fanatics flocked at various Apple stores in huge numbers just to be the first to get their hands on 5th generation of the hyped mobile phone.

Randomness and Awesomeness TV who are known for their ludicrous activities found the scenario appropriate to play a prank on the long waiting customers. The prank is about a person dressed as an Apple employee who drops iPhone 5 boxes in front of the customers to see how they react to the situation. Host of this video makes the prank more interesting by letting people know that he is delivering iPhone 5 boxes which are to be sold. He interacts with one of the customers to ask from how long he has been waiting and as he finishes the conversation he drops the boxes.

iPhone 5 boxes being dropped intentionally

Different kind of expressions on the faces of people who witness this incident are very unique, both funny and concerning. It is usual for them to react so for they have been waiting for long to get their iPhone 5 mobile phones and a delivery boy drops the boxes in front of them. Some stills in the video capture very humorous expressions of the customers.

Host in the video executes the act very playfully and precisely making it look like an actual situation. To checkout more funny videos by the team, you can surf their YouTube channel or can follow them on Twitter.

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