Red Bull Wingsuit Pilots Circled by Stunt Plane

Red Bull Team kicks in again with an amazing video to present to its numerous followers. This time to add more fun or to say more adventure to a casual sky diving routine; they brought in a professional stunt pilot, Kirby Chambliss.

The video starts with both the pilot and Red Bull Air Force team guys preparing for the stunt. Two skydivers are lifted to the required altitude and as they jump off leaving a trail of smoke from a device tied around their ankles, the stunt plane maneuvers around these free falling sky divers making concentric circles of smoke precisely around them.

Red Bull Air Force Team Skydivers free-flying as Kirby makes concentric circles of smoke around them

The stunt seems appealing as trail of smoke from the skydiver’s ankle and stunt plane follows perpendicular to each other. For the skydivers land safely on ground, Kirby Chambliss puts up a great show with some massive G-force exerting stunts mid air. Background music in the video complements with the action on screen well. High’s and low’s in the music are felt by some nerve cracking stunts by Kirby.

The spectators at Oshkosh 2012 surely witnessed a never seen before air show. To follow up with more Red Bull extreme videos you can check out their official website and can also follow their Facebook page.

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