Andrey Karr: Real Life Superman

Above is his most recent video where he flies the World Wingsuit League course in China without a wingsuit! The amount of drive he can get from his flying posture is incredible.

Andrey Karr and his team bring probably the first tracking flyby video on the internet. The video is about a BASE-jumper being clicked and filmed mid-air in his flight by a professional photographer. BASE-jumping is an extreme sport which requires a lot of courage to overcome the fear of death. With the help of an especially designed tracksuit Base-jumpers can now fly for a few seconds before opening their parachute in each jump.

They fly in the air horizontally as they fall down too. Any slight mistake in the route or elevation of the jump can prove to be fatal so the margin of error in this sport in very nominal.

Andrey Karr being photographed mid-flight

The photographer climbs down the mountain to get to a favourable position from where he can click Andrey in his mid-flight. As Andrey comes in sight of the photographer he starts taking multiple shots of him. He flies right above the photographer with the speed of above 165 Km/Hr. Video cameras are also fitted in and around the photgrapher to capture the flyby from different angles. Background score of the video goes well with the extreme action on screen.

To check out more videos of Andrey Karr, you can visit his official YouTube page.

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