The Popinator: A Revolution in Eating Popcorn

Popcorn have always been the favourite snack of many. People eat popcorn at their homes, offices and it is a signature snack while watching a movie or a sports game too.

Popcorn Indiana has been in the popcorn business for a long time now. They have delivered quality popcorn from ages which every American must have eaten at at least once in their lives!

There has always been innovation around how popcorn is manufactured; their size, shape have changed manifolds now. But how we eat them still remains the same!

Popcorn launching device, The Popinator

Popcorn Indiana has now come up with an automatic snack launching device, The Popinator which may change forever how people eat popcorn. The Popinator is a voice activated popcorn launching machine. You say the word, “Pop” and it launches a popcorn right towards your mouth. The device is a gem of engineering which senses exact location of the person by analysing from where the command came and fires a popcorn in an exact projectile towards that person. It makes use of a binaural microphone system to figure out from where the command came. As per the company associates, The Popinator can revolutionise the way people eat popcorns. If you are busy with your PlayStation or working on your computer, you just need to say the word, “Pop” to have your favourite snack in your mouth. The video above describes a lot about the device; for more information you can check out the Popinator Project on Popcorn Indiana’s website.

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