Skrillex Made $15 Million Last Year with a Laptop and Headphones

If you are feeling each ‘dubstub’ in the deepest corners of your heart and there are cascading lights of varied colours flowing all over the arena, you are surely witnessing Sonny John Moore aka DJ Skrillex’s performance! ‘Dubstub’ a precise clonking variation unique to DJ Skrillex with mixing music likewise has allowed him and his many fellow DJs’ mint millions in a year.

As the stats say, 24-year-old DJ Skrillex has won 3 Grammy Awards for Best Dance Recording, Best Remixed Recording and Best Dance/Electronica Album in 2012 making a whopping $15 Million for himself in the past 1 year.

EDM or Electronic Dance Music DJs are not like other music artists. They don’t make money by producing their own music and selling it. Their art is to curate or mix music. Skrillex and few other DJs also produce their own music but they work more on other’s compositions. Many DJs put their music as free to download on the internet and earn by performing live at various clubs and arenas.

These days DJs even take $100,000 or more for few hours of performance doing multiple shows one after the other throughout the night. They even, need not to bring any heavy equipment to their live shows. Some of the best DJs in the world often carry a thumb drive to their gigs and alike is for making this kind of music too. Most of the DJs of the present times produce music on their laptops. As in the words of Skrillex himself,

“I make all my records in hotels….pretty much just where ever I can! I have made records in car rides. We have to go long trip to a show; all I need is my laptop and my headphones. It’s all really I think I need for what I do.”


DJ Skrillex making music on his laptop

As according to the Forbes magazine article ‘Skrillex: The $15 Million DJ’ published in the August 20th, 2012 issue of the magazine; Skrillex alone has made $15 Million in the year 2011. He is second in the list of ‘Top 10 Earning DJs’ in the same period. Collectively all these DJs have pulled in a total of $125 Million. Electronic Dance Music is the most selling segment of music industry these days.

DJs play back to back shows at various clubs. The more shows they do, the more they earn! It is a volume based business which has allowed DJs to make millions in a short period of time. For those willing to try their luck as a DJ, I may say there is no better time than this; Hop On! For more information about DJ Skrillex you can visit his official website and can also follow him on Facebook and My Space.

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