Mission Schafberg: Red Bull Skydive Team

Red Bull Skydive Team hunts for a different kind of adventure than their regular dose of entertainment this time. Their latest video shoot is called as ‘Mission Schafberg’ because it was shot in the majestic hills of Schafberg at the Salzburger lake land in Austria. The natural beauty of this place is beyond an explanation in words but what better way to experience this paradise than by sky diving from a helicopter at 11,500 feet. Skydiver Marco Waltenspiel of Red […]

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Toy Train Goes to Space

It is every young boy or girls wish to get a mom or dad that will guide him or take him to a lifetime adventure. One they will live to remember till they are grown ups.It is a touching story about a boy and his daddy who came up with a video. The video a toy in space is one of its kind and has carried the days name and favor too among lovers of videos. It is a video […]

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Art of Motion Parkour Competition in Santorini, Greece

Red Bull celebrated the spirit of free running by hosting a free running and parkour competition, Red Bull Art of Motion 2012 at Santorini, Greece. The event included some ‘high flying-gravity defying’ free running by top athletes of the world. The crowd cheered all athletes as they jumped, climbed and manoeuvred precisely on stone roofs of the Greek island presenting an awesome sight to all watching the event. Total course which was 260 metres long passed through swimming pools, roof […]

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Andrey Karr: Real Life Superman

Above is his most recent video where he flies the World Wingsuit League course in China without a wingsuit! The amount of drive he can get from his flying posture is incredible. Andrey Karr and his team bring probably the first tracking flyby video on the internet. The video is about a BASE-jumper being clicked and filmed mid-air in his flight by a professional photographer. BASE-jumping is an extreme sport which requires a lot of courage to overcome the fear of […]

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New Helicopter That Can Fly Itself: Boeing’s Little Bird

The 21st century has brought about a new wave of technological advancement with the introduction of newer and better machines, making the movie-like dream of leading a cool and lazy life, a more than achievable target for the foreseeable future. The Unmanned Little Bird – the latest step towards the perfect life, is a helicopter that can fly – on its own! This machine from the future is specifically designed to run programs and carry out missions on its own. […]

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