Art of Motion Parkour Competition in Santorini, Greece

Red Bull celebrated the spirit of free running by hosting a free running and parkour competition, Red Bull Art of Motion 2012 at Santorini, Greece. The event included some ‘high flying-gravity defying’ free running by top athletes of the world.

The crowd cheered all athletes as they jumped, climbed and manoeuvred precisely on stone roofs of the Greek island presenting an awesome sight to all watching the event. Total course which was 260 metres long passed through swimming pools, roof tops and terraces. It gave enough space and elevation to perform all signature moves of every free runner.

Luci Romberg performing while Red Bull Art of Motion 2012

Various free runners from across the globe competed for the top spot but it was Pavels Petkuns of Latvia who managed to impress the judges most and grab the ‘Numero Uno’ position. Luci Romberg of America was named the Best Female Free Runner. Marcus Gustafsson of Sweden and Jason Paul of Germany took the second and third positions respectively.

Red Bull Art of Motion 2012 did encapsulate some of the best free running moments ever witnessed in the history of sport. To check out all proceedings of the event you can either visit the official Red Bull website or can follow their Facebook page.

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