Mission Schafberg: Red Bull Skydive Team

Red Bull Skydive Team hunts for a different kind of adventure than their regular dose of entertainment this time. Their latest video shoot is called as ‘Mission Schafberg’ because it was shot in the majestic hills of Schafberg at the Salzburger lake land in Austria. The natural beauty of this place is beyond an explanation in words but what better way to experience this paradise than by sky diving from a helicopter at 11,500 feet.

Skydiver Marco Waltenspiel of Red Bull Skydive Team expresses his feelings as the video tagged above proceeds. He says right at start of the video,

“I was thinking a lot of weeks before about this jump and I was really concentrated all the time.”

His first few words only describe his passion for the sport and this sky diving mission at Austria.

Marco Waltenspiel skydiving at Austria

Red Bull Skydive Team have always been known for their out of the box adventure missions. This video has its moments too which seem very appealing to the eyes like when Marco flies over the crowd or when he cruises at speeds of up to 170 Km/Hr over the plush forests of Salzburger lake land. Mission Schafberg has surely boosted Red Bull Skydive Team’s confidence in their Wingsuit technology. To check out their more sky diving videos you can visit their official website or can follow their Facebook page.

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