Samsung Burns Apple Prior to iPhone 5 Release Hysteria

Intuitive, innovative, and stylish, the Galaxy S III is deemed The Next Big Thing from Samsung. The Samsung Galaxy S III is a smartphone designed, developed, and marketed by Samsung Electronics. Like its predecessor, the Samsung Galaxy S II, the S III is a touchscreen-based, slate-format Android smartphone, with additional software features, expanded hardware, and a redesigned physique. It employs an intelligent personal assistant (S Voice), eye-tracking ability, increased storage, and a wireless charging option. Depending on country, the 4.8-inch […]

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Russian Military Helicopter Flies Low Over Civilian Road

Russian Armed Forces put another street show, yet again! On August 24th, 2012 a Mi-8 Russian Military helicopter flew at very low altitude over a highway in Sverdlovsk region city of Kamensk-Uralsk. The low flying helicopter scared motorists when it flew at high speeds just a few feet above their cars. The video as above is an actual footage of the incident shot by a motorist travelling on the highway. It shows a helicopter coming into picture surprisingly, flying just […]

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The Rockstar Line: Jokke Sommer & Ludo Carve Down Chamonix

A line Espen Fadnes and Jokke discovered while flying in Chamonix, France. This was the 4th attempt where they were able to fly the whole line to perfection. This Brevent exit point was jumped for the first time several weeks ago and is extremely treacherous. Jokke made many jumps from this point during the course of a week and described the hazards of the spot including a ledge 50 meters below the exit, telepherique and power cables, and paragliders. He […]

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Actual Footage of the Mars Landing

On August 6th, 2012 mankind achieved a new milestone in space missions by successfully landing a robotic rover ‘Curiosity’ on the surface of Mars. NASA has released a spectacular video showing descent of Curiosity on the surface of Mars. The video above shows Curiosity descending at high speed towards the red planet. Craters on the surface of Mars can be seen clearly in this video which are never seen before in the history of space exploration. The original video released by […]

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Gymnkhana San Francisco

Filmed entirely in San Francisco, California, the newest Gymnkhana features a focus on fast, raw and precise driving action by Ken Block. Filmed over four days, director Ben Conrad and his team of producers somehow managed to deliver an empty city for Block to play with. Likely closing down sections at a time. Many alarmed drivers reported seeing tire tracks from someone spinning donuts in prominent areas of the city – mystery solved. DC Shoes also provided fellow athlete and […]

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