Toy Train Goes to Space

It is every young boy or girls wish to get a mom or dad that will guide him or take him to a lifetime adventure. One they will live to remember till they are grown ups.It is a touching story about a boy and his daddy who came up with a video. The video a toy in space is one of its kind and has carried the days name and favor too among lovers of videos. It is a video consisting of an air train travel and it is just awesome.

It all revolves around a father who wanted to give his son an unforgettable experience and did this by sending him a toy the boy really liked. This was done by the famous Ron Fugelseth the film maker. To be precise, he gave his son a weather balloon which was above the ground about 18 miles. What inspired his father to do this was his four year old son and they had been so tight since he was two years old.Infact,, they had done everything together which included eating, sleeping ,playing among others The boy got a ride of his life.

The best thing about this train is that he has a HD camera which was able to record the whole view wherever he went. Beleive it or not, it also had an old phone battery which was meant to aid in tracking the balloon when it landed to land because it had a GPS tracker. Ron was later able to animate Stanley’s face after everything and photo shop making it even cooler.

The whole incidence was recorded by Ron and edited it into a toy train on space. Ron and his son Stanley ensured they took a clip which lasted for two and a half minutes where the toy train went up to stratosphere and then returned back to the ground. Ron later said that this whole project was meant to create a weather balloon that could carry Stanley and make him land twenty seven miles away .After achieving this, his son landed in a corn field and a great footage of what had happened was already there.

This video was able to be watched from the time he took off to when he landed. We can simply call it Story of a dad who aids his son in getting adventurous  This man changed the way his son thought about him with this very creative idea. The result was just amazing and has left a lot of people and children wanting to know much about it. Most kids just wish they had a cool Dad like Ron.

A toy train in space is definitely a video each one needs to watch and make him experience this very touching and fun incidence between the two.

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