New Helicopter That Can Fly Itself: Boeing’s Little Bird

The 21st century has brought about a new wave of technological advancement with the introduction of newer and better machines, making the movie-like dream of leading a cool and lazy life, a more than achievable target for the foreseeable future. The Unmanned Little Bird – the latest step towards the perfect life, is a helicopter that can fly – on its own!

This machine from the future is specifically designed to run programs and carry out missions on its own. Developed in just nine months, the Unmanned Little Bird is the ideal saucer for missions that are too dull or dangerous for a crew.

“As soon as it is programmed, off it goes. And when an aircraft flies on its own, you don’t put a pilot in harm’s way and you also save the pilot from an otherwise typical and mundane situation.”

– Christine Cameron, Leading Systems Integrator for the Unmanned Little Bird

Another feature of the Unmanned Little Bird is that its system is designed to allow interventions when a pilot is needed during changing circumstances. The platform and controls are similar to the ones that pilots have been habituated to for years, making the transition from man to machine, easy and simple.

This aircraft, the first of its kind, is one that has already taken part in many operations including surveillance, target acquisition, resupply, search and rescue and is predominantly used by the Special Ops. The Unmanned Little Bird can be upgraded and its versatility makes it possible for the system integrator to constantly add and improve its features with the latest technology. And what’s more, the helicopter can be flown by someone stationed elsewhere on the ground or even from another aircraft!

A Saucer Full of Greatness

The Unmanned Spectacle

The Unmanned Little Bird, thanks to Boeing’s expertise in software systems is the versatility and accuracy that is the future. In a world of luxurious cars, flashy gadgets and increasing demands, this super cool saucer is at the top of the things to come.

“It’s a phenomenal little aircraft that just keeps on trucking. It’s quite amazing.”

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