The Next Step in Dodgeball

One can always add their personnel flavour to any game and this is what the video above depicts. What about doing a summersault in the game of Dodgeball? The idea seems tempting and believe me it appears awesome too! The video shows some school boys playing Dodgeball on a wooden court. They are randomly hitting balls at each other when a guy in sky-blue tee comes in the video frame.

He is especially referred to in the video as he turns out to be ‘star player of the night.’ This guy walks to the opposite side and places himself with other guys playing Dodgeball. He gets a ball in his hand and waits for his turn.

A boy doing summersault while playing Dodgeball

This guy takes a little back and then plunges forward with precision for a copybook summersault finishing it with a hit on the guy standing opposite to him with the ball. Crowd cheers his effort as the kid walks back where one of his friends gives him a ‘Five!’ for his outstanding effort. To follow up with more high flying action of this kid you can follow him on his Twitter or Facebook page.

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