DARPA Robot that Walks with Swagger

Defence Advanced Research Projects Agency of United States of America has developed a new robot with swagger. The video above shows the robot walking like a human being on a moving floor. This robot is designed just like a human being with two arms and two legs.

Even the robot is made to wear shoes like we humans do. Total weight of the robot is balanced in a way that it can stand and walk like a man. This robot is said to be with swagger as it walks proudly just like a normal human being.

In this video you can see the robot is even pushed once by a person but it maintains its balance and keeps walking in the line. It is powered and controlled by cables hanging from the top and sides of the robot. The robot is first seen taking small steps and then some really long steps too. Background music of this video adds more fun to it as the robot walks in sync with the music.

DARPA Robot with swagger

It is surely a big achievement for the researchers as making a robot whose weight is balanced perfectly and which can walk just like a human was thought of from quite long now.To view more research projects of the agency you can check out their official website and can follow their Facebook page.

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