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New Helicopter That Can Fly Itself: Boeing’s Little Bird

The 21st century has brought about a new wave of technological advancement with the introduction of newer and better machines, making the movie-like dream of leading a cool and lazy life, a more than achievable target for the foreseeable future. The Unmanned Little Bird – the latest step towards the perfect life, is a helicopter that can fly – on its own! This machine from the future is specifically designed to run programs and carry out missions on its own. […]

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Jeb Corliss & Luigi Cani: Wingsuit Highlights of 2012

Luigi Cani and Jeb Corliss are two of the most known athletes in the wingsuite sport. Cani has been an official factory parachute test pilot, he has accomplished several individual and collective world records, executed over 11,000 jumps around the globe and has won 79 medals competing against world’s top athletes. His organization and creativity has helped him to execute cutting edge projects which have advanced the skydiving industry and also became a media expert. On the other hand, Jeb Corliss has […]

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Red Bull Wingsuit Pilots Circled by Stunt Plane

Red Bull Team kicks in again with an amazing video to present to its numerous followers. This time to add more fun or to say more adventure to a casual sky diving routine; they brought in a professional stunt pilot, Kirby Chambliss. The video starts with both the pilot and Red Bull Air Force team guys preparing for the stunt. Two skydivers are lifted to the required altitude and as they jump off leaving a trail of smoke from a device […]

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Amazing Short Film about Wingsuit Flyer Espen Fadnes

Split of a Second is a short film about a dream which we humans had been trying to turn into reality from long now; the dream of flying! We have been able to develop supersonic jet planes to fly at the speed of sound or space shuttles to go beyond our planet’s atmosphere But the dream of flying bare; without any machine, just like a free bird is yet to take its full shape! Well to add, Espen Fadnes and […]

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RC Proximity Flying Through Bangkok

Team BlackSheep who are known for their “out of the box” acts on the internet have pulled out another great video. This video follows as a toy plane fitted with a camera flies over the metropolis of Bangkok. The glider is fitted with a high definition GoPro and is flown from one of the roof tops of the city as it scales to some of the highest skyscrapers, helipads, swimming pools, hotels and many other architectural wonders of the metropolis. A couple of […]

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