Jeb Corliss & Luigi Cani: Wingsuit Highlights of 2012

Luigi Cani and Jeb Corliss are two of the most known athletes in the wingsuite sport.

Cani has been an official factory parachute test pilot, he has accomplished several individual and collective world records, executed over 11,000 jumps around the globe and has won 79 medals competing against world’s top athletes. His organization and creativity has helped him to execute cutting edge projects which have advanced the skydiving industry and also became a media expert.

On the other hand, Jeb Corliss has over 12 years experience and over 1000 flights on active in 16 countries and 5 continents. He is one of the most exciting characters in the wingsuit industry, and achieved this title with hard work and dedication. He suffered a serious injury in the start of this year, but his determination and love for this extreme sport brought him back where he belongs, in the sky.

wingsuit performers

Luigi Cani & Jeb Corliss preparing for a flight in Dubai

This video shows the most important stunts made by these 2 wingsuit pioneers in 2012.  These projects were filmed in Kuala Lumpur, Dubai,  South Africa and China.  If you are impressed by these 2 daredevils, wait and see what they have planned for 2013.

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