The Rockstar Line: Jokke Sommer & Ludo Carve Down Chamonix

A line Espen Fadnes and Jokke discovered while flying in Chamonix, France. This was the 4th attempt where they were able to fly the whole line to perfection.

This Brevent exit point was jumped for the first time several weeks ago and is extremely treacherous. Jokke made many jumps from this point during the course of a week and described the hazards of the spot including a ledge 50 meters below the exit, telepherique and power cables, and paragliders. He called it “the most technical exit in the world.”

“While having a rest in town, we looked at the terrain to see if it could have some potential.. Two beers later, the idea of the complete line seemed pretty intense and we agreed that if we nail that one, we are rockstars!

This was the 4th attempt and the first time we went for the complete line, together with Ludovic Woerth as cameraflyer. Simply an epic day at the office!” –Jokke

wingsuit rockstar line

The Treacherous Brevent Exit Point

Flights down this line may become rare because Chamonix banned wingsuit flying shortly after this footage was captured. Now a debate is raging about how to weigh the dangers of extreme sport against the passion of the thrillseekers the town has famously encouraged. The ban isn’t meant to be permanent – local officials hope to come up with a set of rules on wingsuits that will satisfy everyone

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