Actual Footage of the Mars Landing

On August 6th, 2012 mankind achieved a new milestone in space missions by successfully landing a robotic rover ‘Curiosity’ on the surface of Mars. NASA has released a spectacular video showing descent of Curiosity on the surface of Mars.

The video above shows Curiosity descending at high speed towards the red planet. Craters on the surface of Mars can be seen clearly in this video which are never seen before in the history of space exploration.

The original video released by NASA was a little harder to watch, but this video expert created the video above by converting NASA’s footage from the original 4 frames per second to 30 frames per second. The result is ultra-resolution, smooth-motion, detail-enhanced, and color-corrected.


The heat shield falls away from Curiosity during the descent

NASA scientists are thrilled to achieve the feat which was once thought to be impossible. Landing an unmanned robotic rover on Mars was not an easy job at all. The descent included a number of procedures whose exact timing of operation was absolutely necessary for a successful landing. The video that follows tells us in words of the scientists themselves who refer to landing of Curiosity on Mars as 7 Minutes of Terror. One of the EDL engineers, Adam Steltzner describes the task of landing Curiosity,

“When people look at it, it looks crazy. It’s a natural thing.”

Now after a month of successful landing of Curiosity on Mars, it is doing its job well by helping our scientists to find any evidence of life ever on the red planet. You can find out latest news and clicks of NASA’s Mission Mars on their official website and can follow their Facebook and Twitter pages too.

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