Russian Military Helicopter Flies Low Over Civilian Road

Russian Armed Forces put another street show, yet again! On August 24th, 2012 a Mi-8 Russian Military helicopter flew at very low altitude over a highway in Sverdlovsk region city of Kamensk-Uralsk. The low flying helicopter scared motorists when it flew at high speeds just a few feet above their cars. The video as above is an actual footage of the incident shot by a motorist travelling on the highway.

It shows a helicopter coming into picture surprisingly, flying just a few feet above the traffic. This Russian Army Mi-8 passes the vehicles at high speed with a roaring sound and sudden air pull which frightens the motorists en route.

Russian Armed Forces Mi-8 flying over a highway

An investigation has been called out for by the Russian Army about the incident. This is not the first time Russian Army has come into limelight for their “Downtown Olympics!” Many incidents of such nature by the Russian Army have come into notice in the recent past.

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