Will Sutton: A Parkour Prodigy

When I refer to Will Sutton from Isle Of Man; a 20 years old young blood as “A Parkour Prodigy!” I do no wrong! After watching the above video you will surely agree to what I just said.

This guy can jump across huge hurdles, can perform mid air manoeuvres with ease, can balance his body on thin rods; in short can do every known or unknown move of ‘Parkour’ sport with precision. To add he was also one of the first free runners to land a double gainer onto grass. He is known for his unique free running style which is hard to ignore for sure.

Will Sutton Free Running at Isle Of Man

Will Sutton can be seen hopping over roofs, climbing walls or doing summersaults in the streets of Isle Of Man. He accompanies his fellow free runners including Joshua Anthony Brand, Chris Booth, Matty Corrin; to name a few to their routine free running regimes. The 2010 show reel of Will was one of the most widely used free running samples ever.

His shear hard work and brilliant fitness makes him one of the best free runners of all times. To know more about him you can check out his official Facebook page and the earlier 2008 and 2010 show reel videos on YouTube.

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