Apple Genius Drops Boxes of New iPhones (Prank)

The most anticipated mobile phone ever; iPhone 5 was finally released on September 21st, 2012 worldwide. All iPhone fanatics flocked at various Apple stores in huge numbers just to be the first to get their hands on 5th generation of the hyped mobile phone. Randomness and Awesomeness TV who are known for their ludicrous activities […]

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Watch Out for Reindeer While Downhill Skateboarding

Longboarder Ryan Vitale collided with a deer during practice runs at this weekend’s appropriately named Buffalo Bill Downhill Bloodspill in Golden, Colorado. Both Vitale and the deer were pretty banged up but will make a full recovery. “I was just in the right place at the right time and I had the GoPro 2 camera on […]

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Jeb Corliss & Luigi Cani: Wingsuit Highlights of 2012

Luigi Cani and Jeb Corliss are two of the most known athletes in the wingsuite sport. Cani has been an official factory parachute test pilot, he has accomplished several individual and collective world records, executed over 11,000 jumps around the globe and has won 79 medals competing against world’s top athletes. His organization and creativity has […]

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The Popinator: A Revolution in Eating Popcorn

Popcorn have always been the favourite snack of many. People eat popcorn at their homes, offices and it is a signature snack while watching a movie or a sports game too. Popcorn Indiana has been in the popcorn business for a long time now. They have delivered quality popcorn from ages which every American must […]

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Incredibly Sophisticated K’nex Ball Machine: Clockwork

Knex creates creative toys that are employed for construing structures and implementing science concepts. These toys created by the Knex are of several varieties. The toys of this company are very familiar all over the word and all the ages of the people use these toys to prove and enhance their creativity. These tools bestow […]

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