Street View: Exploring a Google Data Centre

Google has added a new feature to their ‘Street View’ application integrated with ‘Google Maps.’ Now anyone can take a virtual tour of any Google Data Centre from the comfort of their homes.

The video tagged above tells us about this new feature which appears very fascinating. Google Data Centres has rows of high performance computers with practically unlimited storage space where all the information is stored and retrieved from! These data centres have different floors where varied operations involving storing and accessing data are performed.

These virtual tours of data centres across the world makes us aware of the culture and technology used by one of the most sought after IT firms of all times.

Virtual Tour of Google Data Centre

Any user of this Street View of Google Data Centre can well analyse the complications involved in maintaining such a huge amount of data on the internet. To say, it’s really not easy to be called as “the most widely used search engine on the internet.”

It takes some serious effort to keep such a big company up and running with its full vigour. From the Networking Room to Server Room to Tape Library, all the divisions of a Google Data Centre stay up and running 24X7 to provide seamless service to all its customers. To know more about the Street View of Google Data Centres you can visit their official webpage.

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