Red Bull Soul Flyers Ignore Gravity in a Wind Tunnel

This freefly BASE team is pushing the limits of what is possible in both tunnel flight and BASE jumping. The above video shows the Red Bull Soul Flyers team consisting of four athletes perform choreographed moves in a vertical wind tunnel.

Fred Fugen, Vince Reffet, Havard Flaat and Julien Guiho of the 2012 team perform incredible acrobatics in perfect co-ordination with each other. These athletes control the up-thrust exerted on their bodies by manipulating their body orientation, arms and leg movements. Sky divers use the same technique to go up or down and left or right.

It’s amazing to witness how these flyers perform every flip in synchronisation with each other in a controlled environment.


Red Bull Soul Flyers 2012 performing a flying routine in the wind tunnel

The Wind Tunnel at Skydive Arena Prague hosts an especially designed glass tube with huge fans at the bottom which produce winds of speed as high as 240 Km/Hr. These high speed winds produce necessary uplift to keep the sky divers afloat. It is also used to train sky divers before the actual fall.

They also released a base jumping video last year with maneuvers never even considered before off high cliffs. Watch them perform head down freefly maneuvers after reaching terminal velocity:

Looking forward to their next video which they are currently filming off the cliffs of Norway.

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